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Emeritus welcomes visitor number [an error occurred while processing this directive] since November 1, 1995.

The News:

Time the music got revamped to MP3. So here's a couple of songs to enjoy.

The Music:

Emeritus defies categorisation with a unique style drawing on Celtic Music, Blues, Folk, Pop, Progrssive Rock and Metal. Go to The Music to hear some of their stuff.

Or you could click on The Setlist to see what songs they might perfom next time you see them.

Group Photo

Another Group Photo

The People:

From left to right Emeritus is:

Sean Fitzpatrick - Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Recorder, Vocals
Warwick Neasmith - Throat, Acoustic Guitars, Bass Guitar
Jim Walsh - Drums and Percussion
Steve Blackheath - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Sitar

The History:

Formed in 1991 in Wellington, New Zealand. Played live around Wellington and concentrated on songwriting. Recorded debut album, sessions for which finished early 1995.

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