Jim Walsh

Jim was born sometime in the 60's, somewhat before Warwick. He began playing drums at age 4, completely destroying his Father's bongo drums in a frenzied orgy of rhythmic drumicide (and as a consequence, forced his father to completely abandon his Hippy pretensions - Pheeewww!). The next great experiment came at 8 years of age, playing a toy kit given as a Christmas present to the hip sounds of Elvis, The Shadows (without Sir Cliff), Bill Haley and The Comets, and The Everly Brothers. Suffice to say, the experience completely turned him off this particular Music Genre, and in fact caused him to commit regicide - yes it was him who wired the King's throne to the mains that fateful day in '77... but that's another story.

Jim played in a variety of school bands, and when he left school continued to gig solidly. In fact for an 18 month period over 1985-'86, he played a grand total of 360 gigs while holding down a day job. WHAT AN IDIOT!!!

He has played and recorded Rock, Blues, Funk, Metal (including a mumble mumble christian metal band mumble mumble) , Latin and Jazz. His major unfulfilled goal is to drive a Big Band.

This guy spends more on Drums and related equipment in a year than the GDP of Bolivia. Jim currently plays Premier Signia Drums in the following config: 7"x14" Maple Snare, 5"x14" Brass Snare, 10", 12", 14", and 16" toms, and an 18"x22" Bass Drum. He uses Paiste Cymbals, a mixture of Signature series, 2002, and 3000 series, Vater sticks (Fusion Model), Remo heads on his snare drums, and Premier "Rod Morgenstein) heads on his toms. His bass drum is outfitted with the Evans EQ3 system.

Due to the fact that Warwick is living a few thousand miles away, Jim has formed a band called "Octarine" (an in joke for all you Terry Pratchett fans). This unit is a covers band playing a mix of Alternative/Funk-Metal/Silly Music, and is primarily dedicated to having fun. This Band consists of:

  • Jim: Drums/Backing Vocs/Percussion/Loops/Effects
  • Sean Fitzpatrick (YES, The Emeritus Guy!!) Bass Guitar/Backing Vocs/Dry Jokes No One Gets
  • Joe Finau Lead Vocs/Incredibly Naive New-To-Bands guy
  • Greg Jackson Guitars/Backing Vocs/Long-Haired Jim Martin lookalike
  • Gerald Clark Keys/Backing Vocs

Jim's other musical endeavours include a fledgling Music Production Company specialising in Edits for Bodybuilding and Aerobics competitors called "The Jims"(clever huh!!). The other Jim is Warwick's cousin Jim Walmsley. The Jims can be contacted care of Jim himself (jhwalsh@xtra.co.nz). Jim's other equally fledgling music endeavour is a small scale drum teaching business. Jim currently has 6 pupils ranging in age from 13-46. During the day he works as a Data Comms Engineer for a NZ Government Dept.

Jim has lots of favourite bands and none of them are ABBA OR BUCKS FIZZ Warwick!! ( I am mad as hell about that, you bastard!) (The original version of this page claimed Jim was an ardent fan of these to excellent bands -Ed.). Foremost are: Living Colour, Soundgarden , Prince, Duke Ellington, Primus, Queen, Mr Big, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Thelonius Monk, Pantera, Sepultura, Sheryl Crow, Alannis Morrisette - "Good Lord! I could go on all day!" (Actually he did go on all day so I cut him short - Ed.)

Jim would like to thank his wife Heather for being so supportive of his all consuming obsession about music (she says it borders on psychosis) and providing an environment of unconditional love, Warwick for being a Top Chap, Steve for being him, Maxine for being Jim's foil, Dave "Bourbon and Coke no ice" Knowles for teaching him "the Blues", Neil Maddever for his support in projects subsequent to Emeritus, Greg Jackson for being a loyal friend, the rest of the lads in Octarine, The Wellington Rock Shop, The Auckland Drum Shop and anybody else who deserves thanks that I forgot to mention. ( And God knows there's precious few of them!!!)

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