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Steve Blackheath

Steve was born Steve Jones in 1970, but changed his name out of frustration with bureaucracy. He is the driving force behind the band, and does not get his own way enough of the time.

He uses Gibson and Jackson guitars, Marshall amplification (always on 11), Dilmah Tea, and plays Sitar to embellish one track.

In 1993, he disappeared to Sri Lanka, and came back engaged to Maxine who was working as a volunteer in a Children's home at the time. They have since married and had a cat (Mr Azaad). (Bad luck girls - Warwick said that, not me!)

Steve describes himself as a disciple of Blackmore, and also follows the wisdom of Alex Lifeson. He is the world's last remaining Rainbow fan, and loves Black Sabbath, Living Colour and the Great One, Frank Zappa. He thinks that Mariah Carey expresses a great deal of subtlety and sensitivity in her singing, that Hootie and the Blowfish have some talent, that Madonna is interesting, that Pavarotti's tastefulness will rub off on Bono while Bono's money rubs off on Pavarotti with the result being JUST GREAT MUSIC, that the Stone Temple Pilots are innovative, and that Michael Jackson is looking better than ever.

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