Warwick Neasmith

Born near Birmingham England, sometime in the 'sixties, Warwick has had an interest in music all his life. From in utero indoctrination in the Beatles to playing and writing music himself Warwick has been fascinated by (almost) all types of music.

Warwick plays Ibanez and Yamaha acoustic guitars, Rickenbacker and Warwick basses and uses Marshall, Perreaux and Peavey amplification and Shure microphones. (Manufacturers!!! Send free gear now!!!)

Some of his favourite artists in no particular order are Dio, Deep Purple , Yes, Black Sabbath , Rainbow, Soundgarden, Emerson Lake and Palmer, AC/DC,Billy Field (mail Warwick if you know who Billy Field is), Rush , Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert Collins, Spin Doctors...........

"I would like to thank Jim (for teaching me to play in time), Steve, Sean, Neil, Jim Walmsley, Dave Knowles, Jane Keller, Brett and the gang at Wellington Rock Shop, Central City Music Hire, Sam Stevenson for playing "The Groove" on Pirate FM, the Bernadettes and the Catherines, Anton, Darren Burnnand (for trying to teach me to play in time), Vladwolf for long distance encouragement, all the other people I should and Dawn."

Warwick should also thank Saint Dogbert for his help in maintaining sanity outside of the music business.

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